Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ozotic Pro 509

may i finally present.,
Ozotic Pro 509
Need I Say More?

now that my awesome ozotic bottle has stopped mesmerising you., let's get down to the skinny.,

Ozotic Pro 509. WOW.

this is - hands down - my personal favorite silver holo. i've been holding off like mad to post this as my favorite girls at picture polish weren't "officially" carrying this shade until now!!! so if you want one please go see the lovlies at for this beauty ( i have a feeling they'll go quickly)

ozotics wear like iron, for me anyway., i wear it without a base coat and inms' out the door topcoat and i get a solid week out of it. just try that with 61!. i dare you! ozotics' formula is one of, if not the best wearing holo out there in my opinion. they're on the expensive side $14.50 aud. but they are worth every penny. 509 applies like a dream and it doesn't drag, chunk up or chip like 61. UGH!

lets' do a quick little comarison to the other silver holos i own.,

l/r - ozotic pro 509, sally hansen nail prism in diamond, nfu-oh 61

same order as above - l/r -ozotic 509, sh diamond, nfu-oh 61., 3 coats each

l/r - ozotic 509 over white, 509 on nail wheel, 509 on black,
509, sally hansen nail prisms 01 diamond, nfu-oh 61

comparing the three -
509 is more akin to sally hansen diamond in finish only. the holo (in my bottle anyway) is a lot weaker in the sally hansen than the 509., and it actually is slightly more tan. the ozotic 509 has a more silver base. both the sally hansen and the 509 dry to a lovely shiny finish.
the nfu-oh 61 has an almost a solid white base which i don't particularly care for., i personally don't want to have to go through a bunch of bullshit to get a polish to wear properly like you have to do with 61. i also don't care for the dried finish of it either, i like my shiznits SHINY! its rather difficult to see the difference in finishes in my photos but take my word for it 61 is more matte when it's dry than the other 2. i can honestly say it really breaks my heart to say that because after seeing photos online of 61, when i finally did get it i was kind of disappointed. it won't leave my collection though, but it's not my go-to silver holo.
sally hansens have always been a favorite of mine for good reason, simply because they have always worn well for me without a lot of muss and fuss. go sally!

here's some shots of the same wheel in the sun - 
same wheel as above, here you can see the difference in finish.

same wheel different angle.

509 on its own in the sun - look at the dimension in this?!!! sick.

BUT my ozotics have quickly taken over - and you can see why.

if you can $wing it and you want a great silver holo - by god get this one!!!!!!


  1. All I can say is that I have been drooling to get this color myself. I just need to suck it up and spend the coin lol!

  2. spend that coin girl ;) you will not regret it., i was blown away at how well this wore for such a gorgeous holo., a week?!! holy hell! ozotics are the bomb. i've got more i'll be reviewing., so stay tuned!

  3. Awesome post, I came across your blog while googling Ozotic 509 :)

  4. thx reeree & a big welcome to my blog :)

  5. Replies
    1. you can look on for availability :)