Monday, July 4, 2011

My All time Favorite Summertime Multichrome & her almost twin...

Since it's Summertime - i figured it was appropriate to have my first "real" post be about my absolute HG polish.

*cheesy announcer voice* and Here she is -
All the way back from 2004 - a LE beauty from their summer collection,
Maybelline Wet Shine Wet Look nail color in Lilac Lights

Now., those of you that know me know how much of a duo/multi-chrome lunatic i am. i've got a decent collection of them, and am ALWAYS on the hunt - from my sally hansen nail prisms to my nubars to my beloved ozotic pro's, and oh yes., 230., woops, forgot my nfu-ohs too.

But this one is my all time favorite., am i nuts?, well., yeah, but shit , aren't we all??? But it is the most versatile, feminine and flattering multichrome i own., bar none, i actually have GUYS compliment me on this polish *holy crap*

While she has been d/c for a long time, i have finally found her sister - while not quite exactly the same they are very VERY similar.
*cheesy announcer voice* And here she is Orly's Rock Candy

On the nails - lilac lights on index & ring, rock candy on middle & pinky 3 coats of each...pretty close huh?

here are some more shots of it - as you know multichromes are a bitch to photograph - more so for a rookie as i am. take my word for it - this polish in real life is gorgeous. i can tell you though formula wise the maybelline is thicker and has a slightly more opaque base than the orly., and i think the pink/white/blue flip comes through better on the maybelline for this reason. they both look better in artificial light also. most of the time all three colors can be seen at the same time. (you wouldn't know it from my shitty pics) 

the pink and blue visible at the same time
blue shift
pink shift

And a note to all of you frankeners' out there - I've discovered recently that the pigment to make a polish like this is available from TKB - it's in their planetary line - travel to venus!!!
So what do you think? what are you're summertime polish HG's?



  1. My Chihuahua Bites is a summer fave! It always needs something over it though..... I can't leave a good creme alone. =)