Monday, September 12, 2011

some random thoughts., & a warm welcome to the new faces!

i just wanted to do a quick post welcoming my new followers - holy crap - i almost have 10., SWEET!!!!

oh wait - i have 10! WOOT!

but seriously - i haven't forgotten about my blog, i swear!., i've been having some health issues going on lately and just haven't been up to the task., but i'm planning on doing some posts coming up here about some new stuff i've gotten and my thoughts on them.

i'm on the nailboard on mua a lot but with all of the recent bullshit between the dramallama, the cafe trolls, the consistently-inconsistent mods & my personal favorite(s) - the self - appointed nail board cops over there up on their high horses., (you know who ya are - all talking' about your apartment getting carpeted, football, how depressed you are, hot guys, and then be the first to bust somebody's ass about going ot., i reply bite my shiny metal ass! as bender would say!) i'm kind-of tired of it.

i haven't stopped going over there completely but i definitely don't participate as much as i used to. and it sucks. because they've ruined it for me.
but anyway -

WHEW - *takes a deep breath* sorry about that,... i had to vent....

so as a result, a new more relaxed place has been created for us nailgals to gather., so if your interested in the new location send me an email or pm me over on mua and i'll pass it along.