Thursday, March 28, 2013

They're Here...... "spring THIS" SWATCHESSSSSS


all photos courtesy of the lovely sheila at pointlesscafe!!!
these shots are UH-MAZING!!!!!! thanks so much sheila ♥♥♥

   go check out her full review of the collection on her blog -

Friday, March 8, 2013

"spring THIS" collection coming soon!!!!!

Are ya ready for some new ones ???!!!

"spring THIS" Collection  

                           Season of the Witch

Green Thumb of Doom
Shoot the Butterfly
Toxic Buttercup
Birthday Suit
L'il Miss Sunshine & Cyanide
Tequila Sunrise

All of the spring colors are DONE!
Stay tuned for swatches ☺

ALSO - if you are waiting on the valentines colors - or., 
are fearing you missed them all together., fear not. 
they will be kept around as long as you guys want 
them! ♥♥♥