Friday, October 26, 2012

the skinny on the christmas crow releases - - -

some MOAAAR info on the christmas crows - - -

the exact release date is still in the air -  but these should be sent to llarowe and overall within the next 2 weeks depending on production time.

all christmas colors will also be l/e for the holidays. the halloween colors will be core (of course)

llarowe's exclusives are:
a christmas crow
her goose got cooked 
jingle balls

overall's exclusives are:
blue christmas

holly and hellfire, making christmas and maxxed out will be available at both retailers.

i hope that clears up some confusion for everyone <3


Thursday, October 11, 2012

guess what..., CROWSmas came early!!!

HERE THEY ARE - *drumroll please* 

Your 2012 Holiday CrowsToes

From left to right:
Maxxed Out, Her Goose got Cooked, Hellfire and Holly, Making Christmas, A Christmas Crow, Blue Christmas, Bah-F!@#$%G-Humbug and Jingle Balls. 

 L-R: Maxxed Out, Her Goose got Cooked and Hellfire and Holly.

L-R: Making Christmas, A Christmas Crow and Blue Christmas.

L-R: Blue Christmas, Bah-F!@#$%G-humbug and Jingle Balls.

You Like????

Availability to be announced soon!!!!

and., barring another "glitter disaster" these are indeed the final mixes.

stay tuned :)