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CrowsToes Nail Color - Winter 2015 - The Holographic Principle Collection

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Big Bang Theory fan., When i am working on nail polish my portable dvd player is almost always playing past Big Bang Theory Seasons. Aside from being a funny ass show, it also makes me think about the big picture., and not in a sanctimonious way either. It literally begs me to seek out more information through its' humor., i mean., how freakin' cool is that? I also must admit that me and math have never played well together, i have what you'd call an "Art Brain" and it's not a great science art brain either like DaVinci., mmm'kay?! :D I firmly believe that the part of my brain that has gifted me with my artistic talent at the same time shorted me in mathematical aptitude department., because of this I have the utmost respect not only for the field of theoretical physics., but all of those who are involved in the field itself. They are mind-blowingly intelligent in my opinion. 

One of my all time favorites episodes is from Season 6, Episode #5 - "The Holographic Excitation" In this one, Penny surprises Leonard by visiting his lab. During her visit, while showing her all of the "high techie techie., and low techie techie" equipment that he works with every day, Leonard explains to Penny what is known as "the holographic principle" quite beautifully., so much so, that even my dumb ass can understand it. XD

Watch the clip HERE....

Scene dialogue:

Leonard: "You know, there's a foundational idea in string theory, that the whole universe may be a hologram." 

Penny: "What do you mean?…..Oh… Wow…"

Leonard: "Well The Holographic Principle suggests that, what we all experience every day, in 3 dimensions, may really, just be information, on a surface located, at the farthest reaches of our cosmos…. So., it's possible that, our lives are really just acting out a painting on the largest canvas in the universe…"

Penny: "Hmm"

Leonard: "What?"

Penny: "Sometimes I forget how smart you are…(laughs)"


…….and there ya have it - the Holographic Principle Collection… 

the Holographic Principle - Silver Holographic

Unified Field - Green Holographic
Just Another Gravitational Wave - Blue Holographic

Hey! Get Outta My 3-Brane! - Red Holographic

Monstrous Moonshine - Red Leaning Purple Holographic

A Volume of Space - Black based subtle color shifter sparsely packed with silver holographic and gunmetal glitters

Wheeler's Bag of Gold - A gold flakey polish with touches of gold holographic glitters that might just knock your eyes out., so please be careful!!! lol

NOW! Onto the Fab Swatches and Reviews! Rather than posting every photo here I'm posting the links to the review posts for you to check out instead! Before buying make sure to check out everyones swatches! :D (I love my swatchers *sigh* they're. all. just. the. bomb.)

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CrowsToes Nail Color - Winter 2015

The Holographic Principle Collection

CrowsToes Nail Color - Winter 2015 "The Holographic Principle Collection" 
Launches on on November 29th @ 10am EST and will be available for order to all current CrowsToes Nail Color Distributors after this initial US Launch :D

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