Saturday, June 20, 2015

Introducing "The Nitty Gritty Collection" CrowsToes Summer 2015

This collection consists of 7 total colors., 6 Textures and 1 shimmer. I hope you love them!!!

Swatches Courtesy of:
Ida of Ida Nails It
Valesha of Peachy Polish
Jenny of Lavish Layerings
Nailluminati on IG
You ladies are the BEST! Thank You <3

Now onto the pretties!!!

1. "Bulls#!t Detector"

2. "The Bottom Line"

3. "Overkill is Underrated"

4. "1:21 A.M. on a Tuesday"

5. "If I Had A Nickel..."

6. "Epitome of Stupidity"

and last but not least......

7. "Ingrounded"

Thanks for looking! 

This Collection has been released and is for sale @


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