Friday, May 9, 2014

"the 9 Realms" are here!!!!

The 9 Realms Collection Swatches!!! 


Before we get to the good stuff - All swatches shown in this post are courtesy of:

IG: Gimme_All_The_Polish
Ida Nails It
Peachy Polish
Polish or Perish
Let Them Have Polish

Please note that all swatches are 2-3 coats on their own Except these:

Ida Nails It's swatches of: Nidavellir, Vanaheim and Muspelheim. (each color is one coat over black respectively)

IG: Gimme_All_The_Polish's swatch of: Svartalfheim (shown 1 coat over sinful colors into the blue)


The 9 Realms Collection is launching on tomorrow, Saturday May 10th. Please check for specific launch times :D


The 9 Realms Collection will be available to all current CrowsToes Nail Color Distributors and is NOT  a Limited Edition. :D


Ok!, Now that we have all that outta the way., lets get on to the good stuff.....shall we?! :P


1. Asgard - Light blue holo with sparse gold micro glitter.

Asgard is the home of the aesir gods - Odin, Thor, Loki....among many others.

2. Vanaheim - Gold to greenish blue color shifter with coordinating color shifting glitter.

Vanaheim, located within Asgard, is the home of the fertility gods.

3. Alfheim - Light green holo with a subtle blue shimmer.

Alfheim is the home of the light elves.

4. Midgard - Nude holo with a subtle green shimmer.

Midgard is where we reside., riggght here on planet earth.

5. Jotunheim - Grape jelly with gold holo and color shifting glitter.

Jotunheim is the home of the ice giants.

6. Svartalfheim - Navy jelly with assorted sizes of gunmetal glitters.

Svartalfheim is the home of the dark elves.

7. Nidavellir - Teal to magenta color shifter with coordinating color shifting glitters.

Nidavellir is the home of the dwarves., the master crafstmen of the realms who were responsible for creating many a magical item used by the gods of asgard. Thor's hammer, Odin's ring and staff are a few that come to mind.

8. Niflheim - Blue-black base with purple shimmer and a touch of gunmetal micro glitter.

Niflheim is the coldest, darkest region of all, it is the realm of freezing mist and darkness.

9. Helheim - Black jelly base with assorted warm toned flakies.

Helheim is the home of the dead located directly below niflheim.

10. Muspelheim - Blue-purple to Red-orange color shifter with both coordinating & contrasting color shifting glitters.

Muspelheim is the home of the fire giants and demons., the realm of fire in the south guarded by the giant Sint.

11. Bifrost - Multicolored micro glitter in a clear base.

The Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard and Midgard.

12. Huginn & Muninn - Blue based purple to green color shifter.

Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) are Odins' pair of loyal ravens that he sent throughout the realms every day., They would return to him and report all they had seen throughout all of the worlds.

And there ya have it - the 9 Realms Collection <3

*does best Dennis Miller SNL news anchor impression* That is the news., and i am OUTTA HERE...... :)


  1. Le GASP!

    I don't even know what to fangirl about first--the incredible shifters, the gorgeous holos, the flakies, that gorgeous Bifrost...this is an incredible collection! (@_@)

  2. Love each and every one of these!!!! I can't wait until the next restock ....

  3. My gosh these are gorgeous. Nidavellir especially!

  4. I own over 400 bottles of nail polish and this year was even lucky enough to collaborate on a colour with another company...but Huginn & Muginn is by far the most beautiful polish I own (or have ever seen). I'm so glad I bought 2!

    1. Backups for your backups., lol., i'm the same way...heehee., Thanks So Much Angie, i'm glad you love Huginn & Muninn as much as i do! <3 :D