Friday, June 21, 2013

What the hell happened to spring?????

     Well., Here we are., already at the end of June. *sigh* Summer is upon us once again. Screw being "upon us"., Summers' flat out steamrolling through here. I don't know about where you live, but here in Central/Southern NC., we don't seem to have spring or fall anymore. We just don't. *looks around wistfully*........I don't know where they went.........i don't know when they went.........I know they were here.........i loved them.......i miss 2 favorite seasons........Spring and Fall. AHHHH., my ideal weather. 70 degrees. You can wear jeans and a t-shirt, or shorts, short or long sleeves, hell., even a tank top. Its' perfect.
     But Damn., It seems anymore we go from having 2 or 3 days of "spring" to freakin' "air you can wear" at 90+ drippin' damn degrees.....WHAMMO., & your ass is boilin' hot. now, the heat doesn't bother me all that much, it's the damn humidity that makes me nuts. GACK!!!
     It's alllllways the same thing with us puny humans, isn't it............bitch bitch bitch bitch.........its' either Too F#%*ing Hot or Too F#%*ing Cold.
We're just never happy are we. *giggles*
     But., the same time, if thats' all i ever have to bitch about is the freakin' weather - then i consider myself lucky. It hasn't been a smooth year by a long shot., we have lost a lot., and gained a lot. As i'm sure many of you have in your own lives have also. Hopefully, we can all find our own happy mediums.........


     It is with that sentiment that I proudly follow the Mahhhvelous Ms. Lu of Elevation Polish in presenting a collaborative duo with her titled "Too F#%*ing Hot" and "Too F#%*ing Cold"

L-R: "Too F#%*ing Hot" and "Too F#%*ing Cold"
pic courtesy of Lu @ Elevation Polish

Further swatches and release details can be found on Elevation Polish's blog here.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SSSSHHHHH.........did you hear that?

I think something's stirring in the graveyard., but what on earth could it possibly be? 

Any guesses???

Ok girls., here are the surprises! (the ones' that i'm ready to reveal anyway..heehee)

1. I have found a more reliable source - so the big honkin' magenta squares are returning to Cheshire!!!!!! 

2. A retired Color (to be named) will indeed be returning to the CrowsToes Lineup!

3. There will indeed be a New Collection coming very soon!

4. There will be a fan appreciation color called "Minion"

and ETA., because i am indeed a birdbrain sometimes....*facepalm*

5. A Collaboration Duo


y'all were the closest guessers!!!!

Bridgettes' Makeup Obsession
Nail Girl
Sarah from WI

For your correct guesses - You have won a current CT color as your prize!!!!

Please contact me @ crowstoesnailcolor AT gmail DOT com with your mailing addy and color choice!