Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SSSSHHHHH.........did you hear that?

I think something's stirring in the graveyard., but what on earth could it possibly be? 

Any guesses???

Ok girls., here are the surprises! (the ones' that i'm ready to reveal anyway..heehee)

1. I have found a more reliable source - so the big honkin' magenta squares are returning to Cheshire!!!!!! 

2. A retired Color (to be named) will indeed be returning to the CrowsToes Lineup!

3. There will indeed be a New Collection coming very soon!

4. There will be a fan appreciation color called "Minion"

and ETA., because i am indeed a birdbrain sometimes....*facepalm*

5. A Collaboration Duo


y'all were the closest guessers!!!!

Bridgettes' Makeup Obsession
Nail Girl
Sarah from WI

For your correct guesses - You have won a current CT color as your prize!!!!

Please contact me @ crowstoesnailcolor AT gmail DOT com with your mailing addy and color choice! 


  1. A resurrection of discontinued polishes?!

  2. Vampires? Zombies? Moonlit grass? Whatever it is, I am officially excited!! (@_@)

  3. Ooo! I'm guessing retired polishes, too. Can't wait to find out!

  4. OMG I don't know but I NEED TO!!

  5. ......hint.

    it isn't just ONE thing........heehee., ya knew i wasn't gonna make this easy for ya right? =D

    *sits back and waits for more guesses*

    i have something very special planned for whoever gets the closest guessing.

    ok. GO!

  6. A contest or giveaway? A fan based collection?

  7. You never make it easy! Woo I am thinking a bit of this and a bit of that and wow I see dead people! (or at least ones covered in polish that is) hehehe

  8. An Edgar Allan Poe collection? Just going from the raven in the photo featured. LOL "Nevermore"! :)

  9. Hmmm rise of the dead? A Michael Jackson collection? Lmfaooo sorry, thriller's stuck in my head

  10. An entire horde of long-dead zombie polishes, shambling about in resurrected bottles... looking to devour the brains of the living? e_e

  11. Wow, this is interesting, my guess is something vampirelike and ghostlike? Can't wait to see what it is....:-)

  12. I'm channeling my inner psychic: I see a new collection perhaps inspired by a seance or something along those lines and some sort of collaboration project (maybe it's a collab with the spirits?). Whatever it is, I'm excited!

  13. Hmmmm, maybe a twist on retired shades? A collaboration would be awesome, too. Regardless, here's my wallet X).

  14. OOOOH., a couple of you guys are getting pretty close...... :D

  15. You are such a tease! I will surely die from anticipation! I'm so exciteddddd!

  16. AWW YAY! That's me! I will shoot you an email soon. All of this news is so exciting. I also saw the polish you have with Elevation Polish coming out soon and I love the duo :)

  17. Thanks!! Sorry, I just saw this now! I'm emailing right now!!