Monday, August 5, 2013

One Mad Crazy Summer............

Swatch Courtesy of and Llarowe
One Trick Pony - A purple/green multi chrome holo *looks around* OK., ummm., is there anyone who hasn't made one of these yet? Raise your hand…lololol

Swatch Courtesy of Setinlacquer and Llarowe
Last Rat Standing - A multicolored shimmer packed taupe. If you haven't seen SKYFALL yet., GO. NOW. RENT. WATCH.!!!!!!

Swatch Courtesy of and Llarowe
Me and This Army - A Good Upstanding Army green with a shot of purple shimmer ready for your day to day combat. As my friend Kristina says, Now., go on & Buff off that bitch stick and strut on girl!

Swatch Courtesy of and Llarowe
Tiki Torch - A yummy jellied purple lightly dusted with the fiery sparks of a great late night party out on the beach. & trust me., you haven't lived until you have told some jackass at one of these parties this., "hey dude., ummm, yannno your pants are on fire right?!"

Swatch Courtesy of
Boat Drinks - *Jimmy Buffet starts playing in the background* "Boat Drinks, Waitress I need two more Boat Drinks, This mornin' I shot six holes in my freezer,  I think i got cabin fever., somebody sound the alarm"

& Besides., You can't have a summer without having at least one!

Swatch Courtesy of and Llarowe
Chess., You Dog! - My tip of the hat to Tim Burtons' Cheshire of 2010

Swatch Courtesy of
My Favorite Amazon - Yup., the Bitch is Back., In all of her red, white, blue and gold glory., jam-packed with glitter….this is the original mix., as intended., with only white stars added. 

Swatch Courtesy of and Llarowe
Storms Never Last - A Darkened Blurple/Dark Magenta/Gold multichrome with sparks of shifting teal glitter shining like little stars.

This one is for my Mom - she absolutely loved purple and teal., and multichromes. She was a huuuge Waylon Jennings fan. Come to think of it - I guarantee you there are 2 men up in heaven who are getting ZERO peace right now. 1 is Dale Earnhardt Sr., and the other is Waylon Jennings. GO MOM!!!! LOL

Meningioma Sucks. 

This is indeed the same color,  just in different lighting.

Minion - Whenever my husband goes anywhere alone or especially to play golf, (because i always give him shit about it *giggle*) he'll come home and say, "Your minions (a murder of crows) were out there watching me., you need to call them off, i can't concentrate"

Shit makes me laugh every damn time…. xD

Shirt Front

Shirt Back

Minion T-Shirt
- Annnnnnnnnnd., in addition to the Minion polish., There is also
a companion Minion T-Shirt!!!!! These will be available in sizes Small through 5X


  1. I NEED them all! I love the shirt! I always talk about how awesome the labels are, and to be able to wear it! That's awesome! ;D

  2. I think you know how I feel about these... <3

  3. If I don't own Tiki Torch then I may just die....

  4. Wow they look gorgeous all of them! :-) ♥

  5. These look amazinggg! I might have drooled a little when I spotted One Trick Pony and Chess...You Dog! (Tim Burton <3 )
    On a side note, I totally agree about Skyfall - there's just something about it I love and I can't even explain it.