Saturday, July 21, 2012

a naked morticia & the battle of the batch

another crowstoes update - and., yes. i did it again. another apology. *facepalm*

in the last couple days i found out that little miss morticia has recently run out of my shop without her proper clothes on. please accept my sincere apologies if you have purchased a more purple/magenta version., it seems as though i got a little *glitter happy* in that batch. i really try to keep these batches consistent., totally TOTALLY my fault. *smacks self in head* 

with that said and my sincerest apologies made - 

both kim at and leah anne llarowe are aware of this issue with morticias' clothes and will be provided with replacement bottles that are the correct mix when requested.
so., please., if you have the magenta/purple version and you are not happy with it, please contact who you purchased it from and it will be replaced.

if you purchased from llarowe please contact llarowe for a replacement & if you purchased yours from overallbeauty contact them and they'll be happy to get a new one to you. they will not be replacing each others bottles., they will only be replacing the morticias they have sold.

please do not feel like you can't send them an email and have the situation corrected., i don't do drama., never have., never will., i do whats right. period. you guys know that., thats' how i was brought up and i have absolutely no intention of changing now. :)

once again guys., you are the best, thanks so much <3



  1. Llarowe won't replace Morticia. She has a disclaimer now. I originally emailed her when you sent your email out.

    1. hi there! please send llarowe another email., she will replace it for you. i spoke to her about it yesterday and it sounds like your email was missed somewhere.