Wednesday, June 6, 2012

another one bites the dust.......gah, i love that song. :P and other poo piles to pick up. :)

well guys - another sale is complete!!!

all orders have been shipped as of today - i truly hope you all love them as much as i love
making them :) and again, i want to thank everyone who has ordered, posted, sent me lovely emails,  just., THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!!! i will be opening back up on june 15th., keep checking back - because - dammit! come hell or high water, morticia and gomez shall be joining the lineup!!!!

ok., i need to reel all these different sites i have going on into one spot. it's driving me positively batshit - i could freakin' imagine what it's doing to you guys. and i sincerely apologize. SO., with that said, we're gonna fiss it right NAOW!

i'm going to just post updates on this front page. i have gotten rid of the updates page that was along the side. and i'm going to change the bigcartel page also to point everyone here for info. so all future updates will be right here. also, i put the contact email over there on the right, so if you want to be added to the store update/opening email list - that address is here now too rather than being listed just on bigcartel. that should help a bit to straighten out the  craziness. *facepalm*

ok. i think that will do for now - so stay tuned


  1. Hi Lauri!

    Just an FYI- on your Big Cartel updates section you have a space after 'the' and 'polished' in your site address. Just wanted to let you know in case people (like me ;0) just copy and paste it doesn't go right to your page.

    BTW- got my Cheshire today- big magenta glitters or not- this polish is gorgeous!!!


    1. aaaahhhhh shit kari - thanks for the heads up on that errrr-derrrr move on my part., *runs off to fissit it now*

      SQUEEEEEEE!!!! i am so happy you love it!!!!!

  2. Are you gonna do some swatches or pictures of this Mortica and Gomez of whom you speak? I'm so excited your polishes are so pretty I can't wait to get my little paws on a few!

  3. I am new to your polishes and I really hope to get one soon :) can't wait for your sale!

  4. Did I miss yesterday's restock? I was checking all day the store and here and never saw a thing 8)