Monday, February 9, 2015

CrowsToes Nail Color - 2015 Retirees

CrowsToes Nail Color - 2015 Retirees

Murder by Numbers
I Make the Path
Wonder Woman
Last Call at the Crowbar
Purple People Eater
Bone Daddy
Blue Christmas
Holly and Hellfire
Making Christmas
Toxic Buttercup
Green Thumb of Doom

get 'em while ya can!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

ValenCrows 2015


Hooker at Heart - Hot Pink Texture with scattered holo glitters.

Fluorescent Pink? AND Holo glitter?! i mean., How much moaaarrr hooker-Y can ya get?! Wait., is that even a word? it is now!!!!! lol Well., Yanno what i say?., Screw it man., Whether you're a size 0 or 24., it. just. doesn't. matter.…….Honey., If Ya Feel It., Own It! :D


My Knight in Shining Armour Rusted - Not quite a foil., Not quite a chrome., a bronze-ish metal shade packed with shimmer. 

When ya try to dress em up in shining armor and put 'em waaaay up on a white horse, 2 things are bound to happen - 1., the shits' gonna rust.....and the damn horse is gonna take off. 
Been There., Done That., Never Again. We all have flaws, and lord knows our men/women do too. Embrace them! (As long as the S.O.B. isn't running' around on you that is….)


The Terminal Engagement - A Murky Gun Metal Blue with copper spark & shimmer.

HoooBOY. We all have that friend., You know the one. Been "Engaged" for 10 + years?…..ERMmmm., Yeeeeeaaaaah. Trust Me., i did this for 11 years. If you are, or have been, "ENGAGED" for that long., you need to seriously re-evaluate the reasons why you're still "engaged" and not "married"., and if there isn't a good reason., kick his ass to the curb. period. i wish i had done that back then. I wasted A LOT of GOOD years on a BAD relationship.... our biggest enemy is wasted time. we only have so much and we deserve to be as happy as we can be in that short span we are all given. y'all do what you want., thats' just my 2 cents. heeheehee........


DUO If you have the "Too F$%^g Hot/Too F$%%^g Cold" Elevation-CrowsToes Duo from last year then you can skip this one if you like., But., The base shade is a lighter, squishier red this time around!

Glitter Topper: Sweet as Sugar, Cold as Ice… - Iridescent Glitter Topper filled with iridescent glitters and a touch of holo for an extra spark. 

Base Shade: Hurt me Once and I'll Kill you Twice. - Bright Blood Red Squishy Crelly/Jelly

Always Remember., When it comes to affairs of the heart., Don't ever be afraid to fall in love., But ALWAYS keep your eyes open & your brain engaged. ;)


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