Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ORLY Just Peachy and herrrr Predecessor?, Her newborn twin?, or her dupe?.......

I know there are A LOT of ladies hunting for ORLY Just Peachy right now. I was one of them. After exhausting every TJMaxx and Marshalls within a 50 mile radius of my home turned up NA-DA., ZIPPO, ZERO, ZILCH., i was finally fed up to the gills from hunting and instead put out a hefty bounty on this S.O.B.

Luckily, one of my lovely friends, Angi., was fortunate enough to snag one for me. WOOHOO!! My search was finally over. HOLY CRAP., Thennnn., another friend of mine, Laura, posted a link to a spring 14 SPARITUAL blog post with a color that at first glance looked like ORLY Just Peachy. I wasn't completely convinced by the swatches just because the photos of SPARITUAL Wilderness that the blogger presented looked a lot lighter than JP to my eye., but., i still liked it regardless,  So. I ordered the SPARITUAL A.S.A.P., and eagerly waited for both of them to arrive in the mail.

I am extremely happy to say that they are indeed Dupes in my opinion. When i opened both of them up and put them together to compare i was jumping around like a damn idiot., and i knew i needed to post this so y'all could get your hands on this beautiful dupe. Now., Lets' get to the photo comparisons., Shall We?!!! :)

L-R: SPARITUAL/ORLY - Indirect Light

L-R: SPARITUAL/ORLY - Indirect Light




Full Sun - ORLY Just Peachy on top., SPARITUAL Wilderness on bottom.
So which came first in this case? the chicken or the egg? Tough to say for sure. I was also told by another friend of mine that these 2 companies are owned by the same corporate entity., which would explain the dupes rather easily., i haven't confimed that tho. But., at this point in the game., i don't think it really matters much. What does matter is that everyone can get their hands on this beauty now. BOOYAH!

I purchased my bottle of SPARITUAL Wilderness from


<3 CrowsToes