Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great News for my Aussie Beauties!!!!

CrowsToes Nail Color will now be available for purchase from Femme Fatale Cosmetics!!!

I am just beyond excited to be working with sophie to

bring some crowstoes across the pond! 

(now i just gotta get her to send me some of hers!!!!! lol)

Friday, February 8, 2013

.........Love Stinks.


i hope everyone is doing good! things have been a bit battier than normal around here while we prepare for an upcoming move. (sigh-lol) dealing with contractors is a pain in the ass., and i'm tellin' ya., i swear to all that is holy, this is the LAST time i will move. evvvvvar. :)

ok., enough of that mini-tangent. *whew*


On to another subject., i don't know about you but i am so sick and tired of seeing jewelry store commercials, and perfume commercials., they freakin' start up almost non-stop from thanksgiving, right on through to valentines day. UGH.....

Me and hubs don't celebrate valentines day because when you love the person you live with or are married to, Valentines' day is EVERY DAY. Its' just another one of those "retail holidays". Yet another way for us to be made to feel like shit because we may not have the "perfect lives" and "loves" and "gifts" that these dumbass commercials portray........the shit just makes me wanna hork., and i know damn well i'm not alone out there. Now., with all of that being said, if you take away nothing else from this post., remember this., You ARE beautiful, AND important AND special, don't for split second ever let some asinine ad campaign on TV or in a magazine make you feel like you're not. EVER.

So., This collection is for all of you ladies out there who share my sentiments,

i give you -

This years


(All Swatches are courtesy of the maaaahvelous manicurator - all photos property of llarowe)

Heartshaped Box of Horses#@t

A mix of brown and copper glitters dusted with teeny red sparks in a clear base.
( save the cheesy heart shaped box dude., just fork over the damn chocolate! )

Love Stinks

A strong womans' pink that shifts from blue to a red-based pink
( come on., sing it with me - you know the words...."i've had the blues, the reds and the things for sure....LOVE STINKS" )

Umm, No...
he went to the Pawn Shop.

A mix of copper, gold, teal bits and color shifting iridescent glitters in a clear base.
( no need to worry about this one ever turning your finger green :P )


A mix of holographic and deep berry micro glitters in a pink tinted base

( i dare you to find one heart shaped glitter in there. LOLOL )