Sunday, August 12, 2012


New Colors are Coming!!!!!
New Colors are Coming!!!!!
New Colors are Coming!!!!!
plus 2 MORE o.0

i am currently tweaking these mixes a bit - these are NOT the FINAL versions - but they're REALLY CLOSE THOUGH., but i couldn't wait to show you., i just had to spill the beans!!!!

Hell Hath No Fury - a bright mix of fire red and orange glitters with a red/orange/gold colorshifting shimmer.

Hell Hath No Fury

VooDoo - a funky mix of purple and orange glitters sure to cast a spell.,


hoo doo the voo doo???

Tangled Web - a creepy mix of blackened glitters with a shot of deep blue sure to straighten out the most dishonest of souls.

Tangled Web

Purple People Eater - a mix of micro purple glitters with a bit of halloween fun added for good measure.

Purple People Eater

and last but not least - - -

Last Call at the CrowBar - a base mix of gun metal and black and whatever random heebiejeebie mix of glitter that ends up on the crowbar after each day of mixing., no single bottle will be exactly the same.

Last Call at the CrowBar


so what do ya think?

OK guys - yup. i got two more., ya didn't really think i was done with halloween....did ya?

Frog's Breath - "nothings' more suspicious than frogs breath" - professor finkelstein., in a nightmare before christmas.... ya gotta love tim burton man.
sally mixed up a fresh batch of glitter soup for you. i think she forgot the worms wort., it just doesn't taste right...... 

frog's breath

Bone Daddy - from the same movie., quite possibly my favorite movie EVVVVARRRRR. *giggle*
a slew of white matte glitters in a grey milky base with a little bit of the halloween kings' magic touch.

bone daddy
Bone Daddy Layered over grey

so heres' the skinny on availability - these will all be in the next shipments to both llarowe an overallbeauty. they will NOT be exclusive to halloween. 

after all., its' ALWAYS halloween in the CrowBar :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The FIRST RETIREES.....................

- - - Say BYE BYE to - - - -

Murder by #'s
Wonder Woman

the last shipments of all three colors have been sent out.,

please see or for remaining stock :)

New Colors Coming Soon!